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Sapphire Aruna. Female. Pegasus.

Sapphire is timid around strangers, and although it may take a while, she will eventually warm up to you. There are few that she calls best friends, and they have worked hard to earn her trust. In return, they have earned a loyal and lifelong friend. Sapphire generally seems detached from the world around her, even during mid conversation she may stare off into space. Sometimes she may seem to be staring right through you. Sapphire isn’t as blind as she looks, in fact she can see just fine. Some even say she can see what others cannot.

- Lonewolfx13



I keep spending way more time noodling on these than I mean to. Ah well, I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out. Please excuse the massive amounts of rim lighting, I noticed how Ryan Lang always adds a white or near white rim light and it always looks super slick, so I decided to try it. However, as I am not Ryan Lang, it does not look nearly as great as when he does it. But one day, I will master the art. The art of rim lights.

Link to transparent, large (like, huge, you’ve been warned) version without rim lights, sorry for messy splotches, will replace with a cleaned up version later after work


- Thiefofcookies


Tesa. Female. Earth Pony.

She tries to be very helpful to her customers at the cafe she runs. She is a bit clumsy and tends to trip over her apron a lot. But she tries her best to make all her customers happy.


A-freakin-dorable character! 


Say, I know it's not on the list, but would you be open to doing Flutter Ponies from G1 at some point?

Yes, you’re free to submit Flutter Ponies.

Aurora Australis. Female. Unicorn.

She is the quiet type, inquisitive and observant, but extremely serious with occasional bouts of humor. Her absolute focus is both her strength and her weakness, helping her do such wonderfully detailed stained glass windows as the ones in the palace, but forgetting to eat and sleep in the process, often falling asleep in her chaotic workshop beneath the castle, but with a window that always allows light to shine upon her work as she’s creating.

- Mysteriosity1

Quite possibly one of the most complex pieces I’ve ever done. Damn fun though, making glass patterns is fun. Also, huge thanks to the other artists for helping me out with this.

- NerdyPup

Book Mark. Female. Unicorn.

Rare arcane book enthusiast. Very loyal to her small group of friends. Also passionate about tea.


Went a little overboard with this one (it’s my first; I got excited) and did a “full” background. Those are sparks from a fire in a fireplace in the corner there, she’s not blissfully gazing at how she’s just set the place on fire or anything. :P but, well, it was fun- I have a lot to learn about painting, environments, lighting, perspective (which I totally fudged with this one but sssshhhh)… but I’m excited to learn and get more experience! Thanks for letting me experiment on Book Mark, Cassandrarighter! :D

[edit] forgot to turn on a layer, now that annoying little white splotch is gone ;D

- Thiefofcookies

Wintergreen. Male. Pegasus.

A laid-back and reserved pony, and is only openly social when around friends and acquaintances. Thoughtful and creative, but not always ambitious.

- bgkmlp


I return! Somewhat.

Also great news: we passed 1000 followers! Thank you so much to everyone who supports us and to all our artists!

- Syn

We have come such a long way, Syn started this blog November 23rd 2012. We’ve now reached the great number of nine artist, some new and some old. But we are more then just a group of artists, working together on a pony art blog. We are friends. Together we keep this amazing blog up and running. We all have such different art styles, which is what keeps this blog so interesting. Every single artist here is very skilled and always improving! Together we made it this far.

Cassette, Tracymod, Tim, ThiefOfCookies, Akara, Syn, Anjeval, NamiAne and Nerdypup.

A big, warm thank you to both the artists and the followers. We wouldn’t have made it without you.


Lightning Star. Pegasus. Female

Lightning Star is a shy and reserved young mare, but once she feels at her place, she shows how kind and alive she can be. She loves being amazed, discovering new things and wonders, which could explain why she is so interested and passionate about Dr Whooves, mysterious pony she saw disappearing in his Blue Box when she was a filly.


Ah, finally this is done. Super adorable OC. I’m really happy how this turned out. c:


Full version (2000 x 2000) - Flat color

Hi there! I’m ThiefofCookies (you can also call me Zaphy, or Erin if you prefer) and I’ll be joining Pony A Day as a contributing artist! This is my ponysona/OC, Rain Chaser. I’m an animation student and I love to draw, especially ponies. I’m super excited to be a part of this blog and I hope that I am able to fulfill your expectations here! 

You can find me/ my art at Zaphy1415926 on DeviantArt, Thiefofcookies on Blogger, or here on Tumblr at Thiefofcookies (I draw stuff other than ponies there, if you want to see or avoid). 

I look forward to taking your requests!

Lightning Dust. Female. Pegasus.

Unsure of herself


I’m so sorry for the late but I’m back! This was fun to draw.


Night Air. Male. Pegasus.

A quiet but extroverted pony, Night Air likes his time spent either with lots of ponies or alone. He worries a lot on what others see and think of him. He is devoted to his job as a royal guard but relishes in his time off duty.


I might’ve gone a little overboard on the background ;w;


Woodwind. Male. Pegasus.

Shy and timid.

- knightofaegis


…So I’m pretty sure that isn’t how an ocarina works (it sure looks cool).

- Syn

Lucky Break. Male. Batpony.

Enthusiastic, energetic and friendly. Loves to push his own limits and to dive into action, but is also comfortable defusing a situation with a few well-placed quips. He takes his duty to his fellow ponies seriously, always willing to lend a hoof or put himself in harm’s way to protect someone.


Ligthing is a weird yet fun thing to draw.


Hi everyone!

My name is Tracymod and I’m new to A Pony A Day! I will be contributing like the other artists, so expect to see some colourful horses soon! You can find my art on my artblog or my deviantart

Have a nice day! ;w;

Bright Idea. Male. Unicorn.

Absent-minded professor, but is capable when he needs to be.

- skitzogamer

This idea looks too dangerous, come down from there this instant.

- Cassette